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New Research Gives InsightRX Top Score for Precision Dosing Software

May 19, 2020
New Research Gives InsightRX Top Score for Precision Dosing Software

Study evaluated performance of 10 MIPD tools across several factors

A recent research report, published in Frontiers in Pharmacology, gave InsightRX’s model-informed precision dosing (MIPD) platform,Nova, the highest overall score of all precision dosing software included inthe study.

We’re excited to see that our efforts to build the most scientifically rigorous and user-friendly precision dosing platform are paying off. As we continue to collect data, it’s clear that we’re helping customers improve patient safety by more precisely administering medicines with a narrow therapeutic window. It’s an honor to be the top-ranked solution.

The researchers evaluated eight key factors:

1.      User friendliness and utilization

2.      User support

3.      Computational aspects

4.      Population models

5.      Quality and validation

6.      Output and report generation

7.      Privacy and data security

8.      Cost

The report noted that, while all software tools performed well, differences in feature design, user support, quality control, and costset top-tier software apart. To arrive at a score, each tool was independently evaluated by the four authors of the report, with some supplemental data provided by the software vendor’s responses to a web survey. The responses were weighted and scored by the researchers (please see the report for detailed information on scoring).

This is the first comprehensive benchmarking study of this kind of software since 2013. The authors observed that user friendliness, UI,and data security have all significantly improved in that time.

The study also commented that top scoring solutions like ours provide broader functionality than MIPD support: “InsightRX Nova offers additional innovative modules in its platform framework for continuous learning such as specialized analytic dashboards and human-assisted artificial intelligence.Moreover, recently, InsightRX Nova has partnered up with Best Dose to incorporate Best Dose’s non-parametric optimization algorithms and its modelsinto the InsightRX Nova platform.”

One area where InsightRX Nova notably outperformed the other top scoring solutions was in User Support. This rating was especially gratifying because we’ve made providing top-tier support from a team of clinical pharmacy specialists a foundational part of our offering.

We have included the scoring breakdown for the top four solutions assessed in the study for reference. Details on the study’s methodology and results can be found in the article.

To learn more about InsightRX Nova, request a demo today.

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