EHR Integration

The InsightRX platform can also integrate with your EHR.

We are currently certified as an application on the Epic App Orchard. If you are interested in integrating our platform into your Epic system, please contact us.

We are working on our integration with Cerner systems. If you are interested in using InsightRX once we have completed our Cerner integration, please contact us.

 We are working on our integrations with other vendors. If you would like information on the status of integration with a specific EHR, please contact us.

Seamless integration within your clinical workflow.

Direct EHR access
  • Perform fast, accurate analysis utilizing your existing clinical workflows.
  • All patient data used in analysis is retrieved from your EHR within seconds.
  • The EHR integration meets the highest HIPAA- compliant security protocols.

Interested in trying the InsightRX Platform? Contact us for a free trial.