The InsightRX Platform

A cloud-based clinical decision support tool for use at the point-of-care

How InsightRX works
InsightRX leverages patient-specific data, PK/PD models, and Bayesian forecasting to understand each patient’s unique pharmacological profile.

InsightRX Nova

Feature-rich and easy to use, InsightRX makes PK/PD-guided dosing intuitive for all, providing practitioners of all levels with the tools they need to accurately dose the most challenging patients.

Custom Dose Functionality

  • Tailor the regimen to each patient with customized dosing.
  • Assess and adjust dosing regimen based on patient-specific PK.
  • Review patient-specific exposure metrics (e.g. Ctrough, Cmax, AUC).

Parameters & Predictions

  • Evaluate patient-specific PK parameters.
  • Simulate and visualize concentration-versus-time plots over the course of therapy.
  • Assess PK model fit information.

Enhanced Clinical Workflow

  • Remove the burden of manual data entry by integrating with your EHR.
  • Track drug administration history and drug concentration samples.
  • Print or save PDF reports of dose assessments.
  • Easily share patients and record notes to coordinate care with clinical teams.

InsightRX Apollo

Ensure your clinical and operational targets are being met across drugs, populations, and patient subgroups.

Measure performance

  • Key reports include: % of patients achieving therapeutic range, time to therapeutic range, and time within therapeutic range.
  • Discover hospital, team, and physician insights to continually improve patient care and outcomes.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce adverse events and costs.
  • Track dosing practices across your institution to ensure high standards and consistency.
  • Advanced features enable users to monitor their performance over time and compare that performance versus a variety of benchmarking options.