InsightRX is a venture backed healthcare technology company based in San Francisco focused on individualizing treatment at the point of care. Founded in 2015, our company’s precision dosing platform combines patient-specific data with pharmacology models and machine learning to help clinicians individualize dosing for complex medications where a ‘one-size-fits-all’ treatment approach leads to suboptimal clinical outcomes.

InsightRX is integrated into the clinical workflow of healthcare practitioners and supports treatment optimization across several therapeutic areas including antibiotics, chemotherapeutics and immunosuppressants. InsightRX is currently deployed in over 50 top tier medical centers and is partnered with globally recognized biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to bring precision dosing to the forefront of patient care.

We are looking for experienced software engineers to be prolific individual contributors within our growing team. As part of our engineering team you will work on various components of our software, building new features from the ground up and improving existing ones. You will be innovating and collaborating on new ideas with the engineering team and some of the best quantitative pharmacology scientists in the field. You will also be interacting with hospital staff, pharmacists, and doctors to enable our product as a clinical decision support tool - the first of its kind.

Please reach out at to apply or if you would like more information about InsightRX or any upcoming opportunities that may open up soon.

Senior Software Engineer - Full Stack (Javascript)

What We're Looking For
  • Expert knowledge of Javascript and cross-browser web application development
  • Experience delivering production-level services with technologies like React/AngularJS, Node, MongoDB, etc
  • The ability to be effective and deliver across the stack
  • Operate with a high level of independence and cope with ambiguity
  • Excellent communication skills
  • BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent experience
We Also Value:

Senior Software Engineer - Backend and Data

What We're Looking For
  • Expert knowledge of modern Java and its idioms
  • SQL fluency and strong data architecture skills
  • Experience building analytically-focused data applications
  • Proven ability building resilient and performant systems at-scale
  • Experience building APIs using Java Microframeworks
  • Experience with microservice-based distributed applications and 3rd party integrations
  • The ability to operate with a high level of independence and cope with ambiguity
We Also Value: