• Precision Medicine

  • Medical treatments are typically designed for the “average patient”. This “one-size-fits-all” approach often results in treatments being successful for some patients but not for others. The emergence of precision medicine aims to change this, by taking into account individual differences in people’s underlying biological characteristics. Precision medicine gives healthcare practitioners better tools to improve understandings of complex mechanisms underlying a patient’s health or disease, and to better predict which treatments will be most effective.

  • InsightRX Advantage

  • The technology underlying the InsightRX platform incorporates the principles of quantitative pharmacology and machine learning to provide an individualized understanding of a patient’s response to treatment. Quantitative pharmacology describes in mathematical and statistical language the relationship(s) between disease, drug action, and individual variability, which enables patient specific quantitative decision-making. The InsightRX platform delivers this technology in the form of easy to use clinical decision support tools at the point of care to help guide treatment decision-making.


  • Smarter Healthcare

  • The InsightRX platform guides treatment decisions at both the individual level and the population level. At the individual level, drug concentration and biomarker data are collected over-time to learn about the patient response and optimize treatment. At the population level, as more data is collected in larger patient populations, or in infrequently encountered patient populations, our pharmacological models and clinical algorithms that guide treatment recommendations will learn and will become more precise.


Platform Applications

  • Precision dosing

  • InsightRX leverages clinically validated pharmacokinetic models, patient physiology, pharmacogenomics, drug concentrations and biomarkers to optimize dosing. Real-time patient data and machine learning are combined to understand individual patient pharmacology and inform dose optimization.

  • Disease modeling

  • InsightRX leverages disease-based pharmacodynamic models to inform treatment decision making. Real-time patient data and machine learning are combined to simulate treatment and disease trajectories and inform treatment decision making.


  • Clinical analytics

  • InsightRX clinical analytics platform functionality ties together treatment strategies with patient outcomes. The data collected on the platform is leveraged to continuosly learn about patient populations, and provide patient benchmarking and dose/response metrics.


Our Team

Sirj Goswami
CEO, co-founder

PhD from the department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences at UCSF, with a research focus in genomics, pharmacokinetics and pharmacometrics. Sirj was a Discovery Fellow at UCSF with 4+ years of industry experience at Genentech and Pfizer. His passion lies in bringing genomics and advanced analytics to the forefront of healthcare.

Ron Keizer
CSO, co-founder

PharmD, PhD with over 30+ publications in clinical pharmacology. Ron is also a software engineer and has developed software for applied modeling & simulation used by >50 pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. After various research positions at leading universities, Ron is now our Chief Scientific Officer.

Ranvir Mangat
COO, co-founder

Bioengineer with 5+ years of experience as a pharmacometrics researcher at Genentech leading PK/PD analytics for various drug candidates in early and late stage clinical trials including regulatory filings. Ranvir is interested in applying next generation software applications and data analytics to enhance therapeutic effectiveness of drug treatment.

Elena Schneider

Software architect with 10+ years experience in cloud software architecture. Lena is joining from Salesforce where she worked on UI, mobile, and machine learning. Prior to Salesforce, Lena worked at IBM building hardware management tools. Lena also holds an MSc in Science & Technology commercialization and is passionate about advancing the state of IT in health care.

Available Modules

  • Antibiotics

    • Vancomycin (neonates, children, adults)
    • Gentamicin (neonates)
    • Tobramycin (children, adults)
    • Amikacin (neonates)
    • Voriconazole
  • Transplantation / Oncology

    • Busulfan (children)
    • ATG (children)
    • Tacrolimus
    • Docetaxel myelosuppression
    • High-dose methotrexate
    • Imatinib / sunitinib / pazopanib
  • Other

    • Morphine (children)
    • Novel oral anti-coagulants (adults)

Recent Updates

  • July 7th, 2016InsightRX welcomes new CTO Elena Scheiner! Elena is joining from Salesforce where she was a software architect working on UI, mobile and machine learning projects.
    Mar 9th, 2016InsightRX CSO Ron Keizer wins award from American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (most-cited journal article).
    Jan 14th, 2016InsightRX partnering with UCSF and St. Jude's to individualize busulfan chemotherapy dosing for Gene Therapy trial in neonates.
    Dec 10th, 2015InsightRX presents at Plug&Play IoT/Healthcare EXPO See the presentation here.
    Dec 8th, 2015InsightRX featured in UCSF magazine, "The right dose: how pharmacy researchers are making medicine more precise" Read the article here.
    Nov 6th, 2015Insight selected to Exhibit at the 2015 ADA Healthtech Showcase.
    Feb 4th, 2015 InsightRX featured in Vatornews highlighting up-and-coming healthcare companies. Read the article here.
    May 31st, 2015InsightRX raises Seed funding round from Launchpad Digital Health and Plug&Play

Career opportunities

Please apply or request more info at jobs@insight-rx.com

Data scientist / pharmacometrician

As part of our data science team you will be building and extending the scientific infrastructure that forms the basis of our precision dosing and clinical analytics platform, as well as performing data (“big” and “small”) analyses on biomedical data from partners in hospitals and pharmaceutical industry in the US and abroad.

What We're Looking For
  • MSc/PhD in (bio)statistics / data science / engineering, and/or proven track record of experience in those fields
  • 3+ years of experience in modeling & simulation / machine learning working with real data
  • 5+ years of experience with R
  • proven track record of writing clean, reproducible, and testable code
  • proficient in auxiliary data science tools: linux, git, AWS, etc.
  • passion for developing high-quality, production-ready, scalable scientific software
We Also Value
  • experience with modeling of pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic / biomedical data, e.g. using NONMEM, Stan, or other.
  • experience with tools for big data analyses: Spark, Hadoop, noSQL, Docker, etc.
  • contributions to open source software projects
  • experience developing web applications

Lead backend engineer

Lead engineer with passion for backend systems, databases and infrastructure. As part of our engineering team you will be building new features from ground up and improving existing ones. You will be moving fast and releasing often. You will be innovating and collaborating on new ideas with engineering and scientific team.

What We're Looking For
  • 3+ years of experience building SaaS applications
  • Experience with backend: Jetty or similar Java based servers, Node.js, Express
  • Experience working with NGinx, MongoDB, Redis, AWS, CDNs, S3
  • Knowledge of R language.
  • Love for great software architecture and ability to balance it with timely feature delivery
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills
  • BS/MS in Computer science or related degree
We Also Value
  • Experience with HIPAA compliance
  • Experience with EMR/EHR systems integration
  • Knowledge and experience with NoSQL databases
  • Experience with Docker
  • Knowledge of front-end technologies and frameworks like AngularJS
  • Passion for DevOps to improve and automate developer and release workflows.