Go beyond a simple dosing calculator

Improve patient outcomes with a comprehensive clinical decision support system that enables clinicians to focus their attention where clinical judgment is needed most.

Eliminate trial-and-error regimen selection.

Most dosing calculators require you to repeatedly enter different dosing regimens until you find one that leads to a desired target range. A true dosing clinical decision support system can suggest regimens predicted to meet desired PK/PD targets, saving valuable clinician time.

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Reduce data entry errors and inappropriate model use.

Many dosing calculators take a “use at your own risk” approach, allowing users to generate predictions, often using crude assumptions about a drug’s pharmacokinetics, and even when model fit appears to be inappropriate for a given patient. Dosing decision support tools warn users when a chosen model appears to be a poor fit for a given patient’s pharmacological profile, enabling clinicians to review entered data for potential errors, or select a more appropriate predictive model for the patient.

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Improve predictive accuracy by using all available data.

Simple dosing calculators typically cannot incorporate a patient’s prior history and assume that a patient will always behave like the population the model was trained on. Dosing decision support systems incorporate each individual patient’s history into future predictions, enabling the model to perform more accurate predictions as it learns about each patient.

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