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Precision Dosing: 7 Reasons InsightRX is Leading the Pack

Megan N. Freeland, PharmD
October 1, 2020
Precision Dosing: 7 Reasons InsightRX is Leading the Pack

Precision medicine gets a lot of attention, but precision dosing is a little less widely-discussed. Sometimes called individualized dosing or dose individualization, precision dosing combines drug and disease characteristics with patient-specific data to generate an optimized medication dose for a specific patient.

To truly benefit from precision dosing, you need dosing software you can trust. Unfortunately, not all precision dosing software yields the reliable results you need. 

Our end-to-end solution for precision dosing intelligence leads the pack with its triple-pronged approach—dosing decision support, robust real-time pharmacy analytics, and continuous learning. 

We’re confident that InsightRX is the best-value precision dosing tool available, and there’s research to back it up. Keep reading to learn more about this research and 7 reasons why InsightRX is leading the precision dosing pack. 

InsightRX is the Leading Precision Dosing Software Solution. Here are 7 Reasons Why. 

InsightRX Nova, our precision dosing software, stands out in the industry for several reasons.

1. Eliminates the need for manual PK calculations to estimate vancomycin AUC

Per the new 2020 vancomycin dosing guidelines, AUC-guided dosing is in and trough-based dosing is out. Unfortunately, the manual calculations required for accurate AUC estimation are laborious, time-consuming, and prone to human error. The consensus guideline team therefore preferentially recommends Bayesian dosing software to facilitate a precision dosing approach to vancomycin dosing. 

With InsightRX, you enter patient-specific data into the software and receive a straightforward and easy to understand dosing regimen table. Based on this table, you’re free to exercise your clinical judgement in selecting the most appropriate dosing regimen from the table. A study (Kantasiripitak, et. al.) surveying 22 precision dosing experts referenced this unique approach to dosing regimen output as one of the strongest among all dosing software.

2. Reduces the risk of vancomycin-induced acute kidney injury (AKI) in your hospital*

A primary benefit of vancomycin precision dosing is maximizing clinical efficacy, while minimizing the risk of adverse events like vancomycin-induced nephrotoxicity and acute kidney injury (AKI). To help your hospital or health system lower its AKI rate, you’ll need to be confident that your precision dosing software solution generates the most accurate AUC estimates possible.

We partnered with OSF HealthCare to help reduce risk of AKI. The results from this partnership demonstrated a 50% reduction in  severe AKI events in 1,356 patients dosed using InsightRX Nova, as compared to a cohort of 529 patients dosed prior to implementation. Based on literature estimates, OSF HealthCare potentially saved $900,000 and reduced length of stay by 357 patient-days in this cohort by using InsightRX Nova.

3. Becomes even more precise over time

Before and during the development of InsightRX Nova, our scientists deemed it important to create a precision dosing tool that improves over time and InsightRX does that in two ways.

The first way is across an individual patient’s treatment course. As the patient continues treatment and pharmacists collect and enter more patient-specific data, InsightRX’s Bayesian approach takes these data into account, resulting in AUC estimates that inherently become more precise. The more patient data is available, the more accurate estimates and recommended dosing regimens become for that patient.

4. Utilizes high-quality, rigorous PK models that are continuously updated to reflect current best practices

Here’s the second way InsightRX Nova improves over time. Our dosing software is continuously “learning.” Not only are the models that inform our software scientifically verified and externally validated, but they are also regularly updated based on the latest real-world data from our InsightRX network and through the power of human-assisted AI. 

The Kantasiripitak study even placed InsightRX amongst the top performers in model quality and validation, when compared to 9 other dosing software solutions. 

And here’s the best part.

When you use InsightRX Nova, you have access to these updates automatically, so you won’t have to worry about upgrading or investing in other dosing solutions down the line. 

5. Includes vancomycin dosing decision support for standard and special populations

Not only do the models included in a given drug module cover standard populations, they also include special populations—e.g., obese, critically ill, and renal deficiency. Other precision dosing software vendors may offer special population models as an add-on for an extra fee, but we believe that support for special populations is necessary across the board and include it in each of our drug modules.

6. Offers robust analytics and reporting tools

While InsightRX Nova provides you with the capacity to individualize doses, we also offer a robust suite of interactive, real-time pharmacy analytics that empower you to visualize and draw conclusions from datasets related to precision dosing operations and outcomes. These analytics are available in our complementary tool InsightRX Apollo.

So what’s an example of the type of data can you explore with Apollo? Take a look at the percentage of patients within a particular therapeutic range over time. Want to break the data down by individual sites within your health system, or maybe by stage of condition? You can do that too.

7. Is made by pharmacists for pharmacists

It was vitally important for our team to have clinical experience in order to understand the true needs of pharmacy and clinician teams implementing precision dosing. That’s why our vancomycin precision dosing software for pharmacists is also made by pharmacists. 

Six members of our team and scientific advisory board have PharmDs with decades of combined clinical experience, including extensive training and practice in infectious diseases and antimicrobial stewardship.

Interested in testing out our Bayesian dosing software platform, InsightRX Nova?

* InsightRX Nova precision dosing software has been shown in studies to accurately predict pharmacokinetics and improve clinical target attainment for various drugs. The relationship between clinical targets and efficacy and safety is defined by the drug label or is supported by published clinical studies or guidelines for each respective drug.

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