Elevate transplant medication dosing best practices

Optimize BMT conditioning regimens dosing for safer, more cost-effective care.

Increase target attainment in BMT conditioning regimens.

Bayesian modeling with InsightRX Nova has been shown to increase pharmacokinetic target attainment for busulfan patients (vs conventional dosing methodologies).

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Avoid costly and harmful adverse events.

Equipped with a richly sampled model and a vetted target dosing range from guideline publications, Bayesian modeling software like InsightRX Nova enables precision dosing that can help achieve more accurate and precise results – leading to reduced adverse events and avoiding the need for re-conditioning or re-transplant.

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Drive efficiency and enhance productivity.

Therapeutic drug monitoring for transplant medications like busulfan can be time consuming, costly, and inflexible for clinicians. InsightRX Nova helps to minimize time spent on manual TDM calculations and to increase flexibility in dosing and monitoring times.

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