Clinical innovation and guideline compliance

At the forefront of precision-based medicine, equip your clinicians with the preferred dosing methodology recommended by the newest IDSA/ASHP guidelines.

Achieve your patient’s antibiotic target range faster.

Deployed at the point of care, the InsightRX Nova platform helps clinicians apply Bayesian model population- and individualized-pharmacokinetic assessments to antibiotic dosing and monitoring.

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Reduce the potential for adverse events.

Powered with the potential to achieve target ranges earlier and easier, InsightRX Nova enables precision dosing that can help clinicians prevent supra-therapeutic dosing of antibiotics and related adverse events

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Increase sampling efficiency and reduce pharmacist time spent on manual pharmacokinetic calculations.

With the ability to draw TDM samples throughout the dosing interval, pharmacists can tailor monitoring around standard times (vs. having to wait for a specific peak or trough time). InsightRX Nova makes calculation, modeling, and monitoring patients easy by displaying target estimates without the need for manual calculations.

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